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Downbound Water Drops

Thanks to Lee Bergstrom for sending images of today's Mississippi River Headwaters in Northern Minnesota. A paddler was in a risky situation today near Coffee Pot Landing, but wisely pulled out. The late spring is causing massive quantities of moving water and these are images of the various dams discharging it. This is awesome to watch the movement of water, naturally rapid when it swells. Once this settles, the active water will be passing through areas downriver where people will wonder why their region is flooding without nearby torrential rains or snowmelt in June. It's the same water that was up north which we see swelling downstream as it passes through. The same drops continue to the Gulf just the same as a paddling boater. Because you no longer see the kayaker, this does not mean they are not there. They have moved downriver with the downbound water drops held together in large movement toward the ocean.

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May 21, 2022


safe travels Bobbi

-Jenna Rae Mills

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