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Paddling for Hope is an initiative that promotes impartial and equitable outcomes that ensure that all of us in the La Crosse region experience an essential sense of belonging right here where we live.

All proceeds will be administered by Hope Restores to continue this vital community building through their programs as they collaborate and community-build with other local organizations.

It is inclusion and equity at their very best!

Make a Donation

Make a difference in Bobbi's 2400-mile fundraising efforts by making a contribubtion of any amount. We will convert the donation into miles to hit our 2400-mile fundraising goal!

See the reference below for how donations are converted to miles:

  • $25.00 = 0.25 Mile

  • $50.00 = 0.50 Mile

  • $100.00 = 1.00 Mile

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Our Champions:

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Hope Restores, a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization in La Crosse, Wisconsin, makes it their mission to uplift, empower, and invigorate the African American community through education, preservation and advocacy.   Their services are designed to help people of color receive resources that directly support their needs by strengthening resiliency, problem-solving capacities, and goal-achieving capabilities.  


While empowering families and individuals, Hope Restores assures their clients feel welcome, comfortable, and warmly accepted at their 231 Copeland Avenue center.  


The Hope Restores mission is steeped in efforts to empower families and individuals by utilizing support groups, youth programs, and family services to ensure that clients thrive and achieve as vital community and family members.  

Want to learn more? Visit:
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