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.Countdown to May 2022.

Countdown to May 2022, 111 days

It was not too long after my paddling idea came that I was at Madison’s Rutabaga trying out touring kayaks. It’s because you just can’t go on a trip this long in a recreational boat. I suppose a person could do it and probably has done it, but it would take forever. I tested this out when I had my Pelican Mustang on the water. I stroked with all my might to travel a certain distance. Even though I gave it my all, the Pelican would only go two and a half mph, maybe three once or twice. This boat is clunky but comfortable, like a shoe. I did the same run with similar water in my touring kayak and I found myself easily doing five mph and sometimes six with equal energy. If you figure it, you’ll find that the same effort will get this trip done in half the time riding in a touring kayak. I left Rutabaga with a Delta 15s on my car top, a 15-foot length, 22-inch width, and an ‘s’ for smaller stature person. This boat had a little more cost to it for being lighter, about 40 pounds, but it enables me to lift it with little or no help. The ‘s’ along with the 40-pound feature causes me to feel optimistic and confident toward this boat. That’s good since it will be home for all of me and my stuff, for nearly 100 days on the river.

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