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Getting Ready

In 109 Days, I expect to launch my kayak on the Mississippi River headwaters at Lake Itasca, Minnesota where the river is knee-deep on good days and a mere eighteen feet across. It was mid-August when I asked Mississippi River Paddlers if paddling the complete river was a real thing to do. I can’t say what drew me to that site, or to the notion of this journey. I have no memory where I originally encountered this thing called the Source-to-Sea river trip. From the way I feel on the river, the idea must have risen from my deep love for that water and the letdown I feel when it comes time to leave it and go home. It is true and real disappointment. I have thought many times, I could do this all day, forever in fact. Every so often, I feel like paddling straight away with no turning back. I read somewhere it takes 900,000 paddle strokes to do this whole river, 2400 miles worth. This is what I have in mind to do. I invite you to follow me on my trip.

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