• Roberta Rathert

Things I've Learned on the River Trail. Day 2.

  1. Everything is damp, wet, or soaked. All the time.

  2. God made mosquito netting for a reason.

  3. Ticks come by the bucket full and don't die easy. I saw one swimming in a drop of 98% deet on my tent floor.

  4. Every noise at night sounds like walking bear, even raindrops.

  5. Prayer helps with sleeping good.

  6. Nothing folds back to the size it was when you bought it.

  7. There are way more creatures and bugs than first imagined.

  8. Saying "no" to any offered help is foolish.

  9. Air horns are loudest when, out of curiosity, you test it in the quiet woods.

  10. I'm out here for a reason, which is revealing itself every minute.

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