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Thank You for Taking the Time.

We are ordinarily told, “live life to the fullest.” I have steadily tried to do that, no matter how radical it is or uncomfortable things might become.

Follow My River Trip serves as a cloth on which to project my reflections about what I see and wonder while I explore this complex, awesome, and sometimes crazy world. I want to share with you a little bit who I am and what I experience while riding on the Mississippi River, hopefully living fully and expectantly. I hope you will sit back, relax, and read along while you follow my kayak voyage. Thank you for taking the time.

Things can energize us differently at various times. There are influences that remain a lifetime, then those that inspire capriciously. Either way, they are usually personal matters that can reach us in deep spiritual ways, both pleasant and those not so kindly. Think about what has motivated you at times in life. For me now, it’s taking this kayak trip. As I go downriver, writing about what I see and what it causes me to think about, while seeing and experiencing new things, or old things in new ways, all of it will have changing effects on me, I am certain.

Follow My River Trip is a way for me to share these things that are meaningful to me and, possibly, they will affect you in a personal and positive way, too. I hope you enjoy becoming familiar with my site and my writing. Look around and see if you just start wondering, too.

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