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300 Miles Down... 4 Lock & Dams to Go

As of today, Bobbi has traveled 300 miles down the Mississippi River and we have raised enough funds to count for 50 of those miles 🥳 In her 300 miles, she has passed our Champion landmark of Lake Winnibigoshish 🌊 sponsored by "Investor in Diversity & Love." YOU can be a champion too!

The next landmarks Bobbi will paddle through are Lock & Dams 2, 3, 4, and 5. All of these Lock & Dams are available to be championed - help us raise $500 for each Lock & Dam by the time Bobbi gets to paddle through La Crosse ⏳🛶

How to Become a Champion:

  1. Fill out the form at:

  2. Get an email from one of our team members

  3. Choose your lock & dam or landmark

  4. Donate the amount needed for your choice

  5. Be featured on our page! (We will also keep you posted when Bobbi passed the landmark you championed as seen above)

Thank you to our Champions who have donated so far:

A little bit from Bobbi about the first 10 days of the trip:

  • Day 1, left Winnie Dam. I could not do the first 110 miles above Winnie Dam because the DNR prohibited it due to dangerous conditions at the time I began. I'll go back to do those miles in the fall. Included up here is Lake Winnibigoshish which I did a little gopro promo because of a donation from an anonymous follower. I left from the Winnibigoshish Dam.

  • Days 2 and 3, stayed at two primitive water-access-only campsites: Gamblers Point and Leaning Willow. I finished Day 3 at the Pokegama Dam portage and Blandin Paper Company Dam portage where I portaged both dams with Ann Ogg, a paddler up there. I set up camp in Grand Rapids near the river. This completed 50 river miles by end of Day 3.

  • Days 4 and 5, I was moved to a local hotel due to tornados.

  • Day 6, I paddled from Grand Rapids to another primitive water-access camp for one, Swimming Bear. Total river miles completed: 80.

  • Day 7, paddled from Swimming Bear to Jacobson Camp, total river miles completed: 93.

  • Day 8, moved to Aitkin camp by boat patrol deputy due to flooding.

  • Day 9, left Aitkin and paddled 43 miles to The Dudecks, river angels, for a total of 136 miles.

  • Day 10, left Dudecks and paddled 41 river miles, including portaging Potlatch Dam, camping tonight north of Crow Wing, completing 41 miles for a trip total of 177 miles.

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Pam Bendel
Pam Bendel
09 giu 2022

Super good news. Keep paddling!!

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